Ostomy Care

Bladder Health at Home

Bladder Health 

Bladder and Bowel Health - Medicare Home Health 

Comprehensive Home Health understands that good Bladder and Bowel Health is especially important to seniors, therefore we offer the following home care services:

Skilled Nursing Care At Home

  • Catheter Management and instruction in catheter care
  • Training in Clean Intermittent Catheterization using appropriate techniques to prevent infections
  • Preventative skin care instruction for urinary and fecally incontinent patients
  • Instruction in timed voiding and urge suppression techniques for patients with urinary incontinence
  • Management and Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections
  • Fluid and dietary instruction for management and prevention of Constipation
  • Review and management of medications impacting Bowel and Bladder function

Ostomy Care:

  • Assessment and management of stoma and peristomal skin for complications (i.e., stomal retraction, prolapse, muco-cutaneous separation, fungal infection, epidermal stripping)
  • Assessment of stoma type and placement to determine appropriate pouching system.
  • Patient education on application of appropriate pouching system.
  • Patient support during the learning process
  • Patient education about ostomy problems that may occur in the future (skin problems, constipation or diarrhea (colostomies) recognizing UTI's (urostomies), peristomal hernias or prolapse.
  • Patient education on daily living issues such as dietary restrictions (if applicable) travel tips, intimacy, clothing selection and exercise.
  • Assist patients in obtaining supplies after discharge from home health

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