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Tips for Maintaining Your Oxygen

Medical Equiptment / Oxygen Tips 

  • Manufacturer’s instructions for specialized medical equipment should be kept with or near the equipment.
  • Routine and preventive maintenance is performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Phone numbers are available in the home to obtain service in case of equipment problems or equipment failure.
  • Backup equipment is available if indicated.
  • Manufacturer’s instructions are followed for providing a proper environment for specialized medical equipment.
  • Adequate electrical power is provided for medical equipment such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators and other equipment.
  • Equipment batteries are checked regularly by a qualified service person.
  • All oxygen equipment is to be kept away from an open flame.
  • There is no smoking around oxygen.
  • Oxygen is not allowed to freeze or overheat.
  • If you have electrically powered equipment such as oxygen or a ventilator, you are registered with your local utility company.
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