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Comprehensive Home Health Care Florida Cardio-Pulmonary 

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Comprehensive Cardiac Home Care 

The Cardio-pulmonary program provides an in home multidisciplinary approach customized to help patients cope with heart and lung related diagnoses.

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The program has been designed to identify patients needing energy conservation training, education in disease management, medication and nutrition management, adaptive equipment training and other treatments that will assist in improving a person’s independence in their activities of daily living.

Our Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation multi-disciplinary team consists of skilled nurses, Occupational and Physical Therapists all working towards a common goal: To increase the patient’s quality of life in their home setting through patient and family education in management of the disease process.

All patients are evaluated by our licensed caregivers and a plan of care is developed with case management and the patient’s referring physician. Training and education in the use of adaptive equipment will assist them to easily complete routine tasks in their home environment.

Cardio-pulmonary services - a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach customized to patients’ needs.

Patient’s Criteria for Comprehensive Home Health Care Cardio-Pulmonary Program

  • Must qualify for home health care (homebound)
  • Requires skilled nursing services or physical therapy in home
  • Have a diagnosis of a chronic cardiac or pulmonary condition
  • Recent acute care hospitalization
  • Had a recent functional decline due to an exacerbation of the condition
  • Occupational Therapy Services

Benefits of Comprehensive Home Health Care Cardio-Pulmonary Program

  • Education in the principles and application of energy conservation techniques
  • Maximize independence with daily activities with/without the use of adaptive equipment
  • Instruction in the use of adaptive equipment
  • Teach proper breathing techniques
  • Instruction on how to control shortness of breath
  • Activity configuration to provide a balance of work, play and rest
  • Instruction in exercises that incorporate and reinforce proper breathing patterns
  • Gait assessment and training
  • Postural screening and training
  • Determination of tolerances for exercise
  • Balance and strengthening exercises to improve patient's functionality

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