Monitoring Your

Health Care Needs

Nutritional Therapy

Download Comprehensive Home Care’s Nutritional Program

  • Licensed, registered dietitians
  • Nutritional intervention impacts patient improvement
  • Improves resident's overall health
  • Responds to physician's by recommendation/consultation
  • Responds to patient's needs with on site consultation
  • Dietitian works with patients requiring wound care services
  • Dietitian works with diabetic patients to instruct/educate
  • Dietitian provides residents with diets applicable to their own individual needs

Benefits to Physicians:

  • On site consultations available to physicians with non compliant patients
  • Dietitian follow up for patients at home to help with nutritional consultation
  • Nutritional intervention available promptly for the physicians patients
  • Dietitian works closely with patients requiring wound care services

Benefits to Patients:

  • Improved nutritional awareness
  • Improved compliance with diet based upon individual needs
  • Monitor nutritional needs to help with wound healing i.e. protein levels
  • Dietitian available for individual patient telephone or home consultations