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Rehabilitation Care 

Comprehensive is a recognized leader in providing Rehabilitation Services with clinical pathways.Comprehensives therapists are full time professionals dedicated to providing continuity of care and program development. The result is a much higher standard of patient care.

Home Health Rehabilitation Programs

      • Provide patient-centered therapeutic interventions
      • Provide dedicated Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy clinicians
      • Assess functional deficits and provide skilled services to maximize patient’s functions
      • Monitor functional abilities, including eating, swallowing, communication, hygiene, and            ambulation/locomotion
      • Provide support, motivation and personalized home programs to promote maximal independence
      • Provide caregiver instruction and training
      • Provide fall prevention training and strategies
      • Reduce E.R. visits and re-hospitalizations
      • Provide assessment and intervention in home safety, equipment needs and environmental modifications
      • Implement physician-specific protocols to achieve maximal functional ability within the home setting
      • Participate in Comprehensive’s multidisciplinary specialty programs, including Wound Care, Telehealth,        Joint Replacement and Cardiovascular Health

Benefits to Physicians:

  • Promotes more effective clinical management through individual therapy goals
  • Increases patient compliance with safety and improvement in functional abilities
  • Allows the physician to monitor progress on an going basis with their patients
  • Full time therapists ensuring highest quality and continuity of care for their patients

Benefits to Patients:

  • Empowerment and involvement in self care
  • Identify functional deficits and increased home safety
  • Education in dealing with current physical problems
  • Promotes increased sense of motivation to promote independent functioning