Reduces emergent care

for patients with chronic illnesses

Collaborating with ACO Physicians and Chronic Care Management Programs for Better Patient Outcomes

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What are the benefits of in-home monitoring services?

For the physician:

  • Patient case management seven (7) days a week
  • Reduces emergent care for patients with acute and chronic illnesses [CHF, COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension]
  • Identifies the need for future office visits to adjust treatments.
  • Secure internet access to patient's personal health information (PHI) 24 hours a day
  • Complete up to date list of patient medications at any time during the provision of care
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Improved patient medication compliance
  • Interactive Voice Response Phone Calls

For the patient and family:

  • 7 day a week nurse monitoring in addition to standard home nursing visits = Increased patient contact and increased patient care
  • Empowers patient to monitor his or her own health
  • Decreases patient anxiety
  • Identifies early symptom exacerbation decreasing emergent care
  • Improves medication compliance
  • Easy to use - minimal training required

For the home health agency:

  • Allows the home health agency to monitor a patient's vital signs and clinical status on a daily and PRN basis.

Which patients should I consider for home monitoring?

Recommended criteria include patients with:

  • Recent hospitalization or frequent ER visits
  • Any condition requiring frequent monitoring or trending of health status information to facilitate clinical management – i.e., medication management, post-surgical care
  • Poor compliance with diet, medications, or selfmonitoring
  • Multiple phone calls per week to physician's office
  • Patients enrolled in a Chronic Care Management Program

What are the exclusion criteria for monitoring services?

The following patient types are not recommended for in-home monitoring

  • Patients who are physically or cognitively unable to follow simple instructions AND has no caregiver
  • Patients whose environment is not conducive or safe for home monitoring
  • Patient has combative, addictive or other behavioral problems

Physician can access patient information 24/7 through Comprehensive's Physical Portal

What experience does Comprehensive Home Care have with In-Home Telemonitoring?

  • Comprehensive Home Care has been providing telemonitoring since 2004
  • Tele-Care Telemonitoring is our Standard of Care in over 29 Florida Counties
  • Over 45,000 homecare patients monitored since the program inception

What clinical patient information can the home monitor collect and transmit?

  • Weight, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation
  • Daily and PRN

How will my patients pay for home monitoring services?

  • No cost to Medicare-eligible patients who are referred to Comprehensive Home Care Services and meet its selection criteria for monitoring

How reliable is the remote patient care monitor?

The AMC Health System:

  • Wireless Technology
  • Oscillometric Linear Bleed Blood Pressure
  • Digital Scale with four independent load cells –weighs up to 500 lbs (1/2 lb. increments)
  • Web-based platform
  • Daily Biometric Readings
  • Interactive Voice Response System

How can I access my patient information?

  • Secure, HIPAA compliant remote web access
  • Remote Access Program (RAP) can be accessed easily allowing:
  • Physicians to view patient data 24 hours a day from any computer
  • Exportable trend reports by PDF or Excel